TASGER  Industries

Technologies for the Future

Technologies for the Future

TASGER Industries is premier aircraft and transportation technologies provider with mission to become leader in engineering innovation and industrial revolution from Southeast Asia (ASEAN) by developing systems and connecting the region to suppliers from all around the world.

We are product development professionals with extensive experience in highly complex systems of aircraft and other vehicles from concept to production. Our passionate team works with international standards in design engineering, material selection, testing, manufacturing processes and operations. With acquired knowledge, skills and abilities, we are ready to be the "technology center" in Southeast Asia, providing innovative solutions and making the world a better place by producing technologies for the future.

With network of R&D Lab, Design Office and Build Center, we follow global standard in specifications and processes.

Our network of experienced professionals enables us to plan and execute projects by collaborating and connecting worldwide.

Advancing in fast-paced environment by utilizing cutting edge technologies, efficient management and innovative thinking.